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Nancy is so much fun to work with!  I’m sure her photographer, Carolyn Griffin,  felt the same way…
I would like to share a recent email from Nancy.
IMG_1987r cropped
Sending you a few of my pictures from my 1920’s shoot with the hat I purchased from you.
I have always loved the 1920’s era, not just the fashion, but the cars too.
About 5 years ago my mother in law gave me some items that belonged to her.
Some of the items: mink stoles, jewelry, gloves, alligator shoes and purse,
but one thing was lacking, a beautiful flapper hat.
I had been thinking of doing a 1920’s photo shoot wearing some of the items she had given me to honor her.
Then I began the search for the perfect flapper hat.
I searched on-line for a person or company that could design the special one
and discovered East Angel Harbor Hats! Soon the perfect hat arrived in the mail and it was lovely.
I arranged for a Model T car to be included in my shoot.
Nancy's 1930 photo shoot
I was so honored when finished with the shoot that not only did I get pictures to honor my mother in law,
pass down to my son, but have lasting memories of the fun day
and preserved a memory for myself that will forever be in my heart.
You were a huge part of that being a successful shoot,
because the hat you designed for me was the center piece.
Thank you so much for such beautiful hats you designed for me.
They are always classy, great quality and custom designed for what I am looking for.
Please visit my shop:



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First of all, it’s always a privilege to design a hat for a friend!  Tiea has been a good friend for many years and when she said that she was going to marry Jim (also a good friend) I was thrilled to be a part of the formula that made their wedding everything that she’d dreamed about!
A U.S. Civil War period wedding, generally speaking, is a much simpler affair that the weddings that we have today.  This particular period of wedding is usually held at a Civil War reenactment or a place that’s noted for its historical importance (especially to the couple who are getting married).
 This Civil War period wedding took place at Ft. Laramie, Wyoming, August of 2016.
In this case, the bride, who’s a reenactor wanted her wedding hat to be versatile, so I made the veil detachable and now she can wear her wedding hat that matches her dress for any reenactment.
East Angel Harbor Hats will be happy to design a hat for your wedding too!
tieas-wedding10 tieas-wedding9
Wedding Vows exchanged and you may kiss the Bride!
Happy couple!
And they lived Happily Ever After!
PHOTOS of the hat I designed for Tiea
 Black Wool Hat
 Ivory Braid and Roses
 Ivory Feathers
Ivory Veiling – Satin Edge and Scattered Pearls




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This pink hat is dedicated to the winner of

Kentucky Oaks 2015!

The beautiful thoroughbred racehorse, Lovely Maria,

won two of her first six races.

Her first major win was in the Ashland Stakes in April 2015

just before winning the Kentucky Oaks on May 1, 2015.

Lovely Maria has won four of 11 career starts for earnings of $1,003,000.

Buy your hat at East Angel Harbor Hats








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A hat that measures up to it’s name!

I enjoy the Edwardian style, so I design a lot of my hats with that era in mind.

Spirit of Barbaro is dedicated to Barbaro,

who was an American Thoroughbred race horse who decisively won the 2006 Kentucky Derby,

but shattered his leg two weeks later in the 2006 Preakness Stakes,

which ended his racing career and eventually led to his death. – Wikipedia

East Angel Harbor Hats has a new “ONE of a KIND” design.

Keep watching as I’m designing a new “ONE of a KIND” Kentucky Derby Hat every week until the Derby

May 3rd, 2017

(The Oaks for your pink hat is May 2nd, 2017)


Sinamay hat with veiling.











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Lady Augusta is perfect hat for your day at the Kentucky Derby!

This hat will turn heads anyplace you decide to wear it!     

Week 2 

East Angel Harbor Hats is the place to shop for you “UNIQUE” derby hat!


Kentucky Derby Hat “Lady Augusta” is designed over a taupe sinamay hat base.


The hat is also accented with pheasant feathers, golden yellow peacock feathers.

lady-julia-011         lady-julia-013

The silk bow is accented with a beautiful 3.7″ brown and gold Austrian crystal butterfly brooch.


It’s crown is wrapped with golden dupioni silk.





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Every week from now until the Kentucky Derby, I’m going to do my best to design a One of a Kind hat!

East Angel Harbor Hats

Week 1

Edwardian Kentucky Derby Hat “Lady Agnes”

gold-derby-hat-002 gold-derby-hat-004 gold-derby-hat-007 gold-derby-hat-008

gold-derby-hat-010See Yourself at the Kentucky Derby wearing an East Angel Harbor Hat

Buy your tickets early for the best prices!


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Buy your Kentucky Derby Hat sooner than later…

My Fair Lady the movie was a remake of classic Broadway musical starring Julie Andrews as Eliza Doolittle and Rex Harrison as Professor Henry Higgins. In 1964, it was adapted to film, with Harrison reprising his role as Higgins and Audrey Hepburn as Eliza. The musical was based on Bernard Shaw’s play, Pygmalion.

This is one of my favorite lines from the dialogue of the movie:

Eliza Doolittle:  I sold flowers; I didn’t sell myself.  Now you’ve made a lady of me, I’m not fit to sell anything else.


East Angel Harbor Hats


Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle



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Royal Blue Bling Edwardian Style hat really added the finishing touch to Kathy’s outfit!

East Angel Harbor Hats can design a hat for your evening out!

Kathy in blue outfit

Kathy in blue

I love designing all sorts of hats!

Edwardian is my favorite era!

When I have the opportunity to design a hat that will accentuate the era, it’s a pleasure to do so.


Royal Blue Bling (1)

Royal blue satin hat accented with rhinestones and delicate coque feathers.



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My Victorian Civil War Vivandierre hat design “Spirit of Iowa” has had an interesting life…

Sherrilyn wore an East Angel Harbor Hat “Spirit of Iowa” to Dragon Con!

It went perfect with her red, white and blue fantasy super heroine outfit.

Sherrilyn Kenyon is a bestselling US writer.

Under her own name she writes urban fantasy, and is best known for her Dark Hunter series.

Her current series include: The Dark-Hunters, The League, and Chronicles of Nick.


Dragon Con is a North American multigenre convention, founded in 1987,

It takes place once each year on Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA

Sherrilyn Kenyon 2

Spirit of Iowa has a patriotic theme of red, white and blue on a black hat.

V 1

V 4 V 5V 3

Adorned with grosgrain ribbon, cockade, ostrich feathers and reproduction Civil War Infantry brass buttons.

Buy your hat at

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If you want it!  I can design it for you!

This is a hand made organic fascinator designed like a huge rose.

I was sent a picture was cut from a magazine and I was asked to make something similar to it.


This is my version of the photo!  I can design it in any color that you choose!  Just allow up to 2 weeks for completion as I may have to order in the color.

  Mademoiselle Rose 006 Mademoiselle Rose 008


Pink Rose Hat

Brenda wearing her special order design from East Angel Harbor Hats